About the GELC

Welcome to the Global Environmental Law Centre (GELC). We are based at the Faculty of Law, University of the Western Cape, South Africa. We are affiliated to the Department of Public Law and Jurisprudence. We strive for globally impactful research, teaching and knowledge exchange in a wide range of interconnected areas of global environmental law and governance.

The GELC was formally established in 2019 with the aim to foster legal research and innovation to enhance the ways that environmental law and governance frameworks and systems respond to global environmental crises particularly associated with the Anthropocene - a geological period of time during which human activities have caused unprecedented changes to Earth’s climate and ecosystems. Through innovative teaching approaches at the University of the Western Cape, we further aim to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their employability whether in practice or in academia. Some of our other activities include:

• Organising and hosting international seminars, conferences, workshops, webinars, public lectures and other related events on critical topics pertaining to global environmental law and governance challenges;
• Hosting leading international scholars; 
• Postgraduate research supervision; 
• Academic publications;
• International and regional collaboration; and
• Fostering systematic engagement with partners outside academia (local, regional and international actors) to co-identify strategic directions for research that are focused on targeting real-life knowledge gaps

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A Word From The Acting Director

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Dr Angela van der Berg
Acting Director, Global Environmental Law Centre 

Meet Our Team

Dr Angela van der Berg
Dr Angela van der BergActing Director GELC
Prof Derek Powel
Prof Derek PowelResearch fellow - DOI
Dr Sameer Kasker
Dr Sameer KaskerResearch Fellow - Dep PLJ, Faculty of Law
Dr Capias Brews Soyapi
Dr Capias Brews SoyapiNorth- West University, Faculty of Law, South Africa

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Our Approach
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Our Mission
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University of the Western Cape,
Robert Sobukwe Road,
Bellville, 7535
Republic of South Africa
info@uwc.ac.za | +27 21 959 2911