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Moving From Consumptive Use to Compassion: A Case for Ethical and Humane Use In The CBD




Werner Scholtz - Head of School and Professor of Global Environmental Law at Southampton Law School, University of Southampton, UK




The recognised sentience of animals necessitates the need for a revision of our consumptive approach to wildlife. International wildlife law instruments, such as the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), endorse an instrumental approach to sustainable use. However, the Addis Ababa Principles and Guidelines of the COP Sustainable Use decision requires the promotion of ethical and humane use of components of biodiversity as well as the recognition of intrinsic values. This presentation considers the meaning and implications of ‘ethical and humane use’ for the CBD. The author does this by discussing foreign case law that recognises the intrinsic value of animals in terms of biodiversity law. These judgments may contribute to the development of wildlife welfare as a general principle of international law. Furthermore, the author considers the link between values and sustainable use as well as sustainable development in the CBD, with a particular focus on wildlife. The author argues for an evolutionary interpretation of sustainable use, which progressively departs from instrumentalism.

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